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Here in this democratic country of India, see how the Rajini fans celebrate on the opinion on Rajini’s Political Entry.

He claimed that his political entry is sure to form a party and participate across 234 TN constituencies in the forthcoming Assembly elections 2019.
Presently democracy is not in correct form with most neighbouring states making fun of us that felts me guilty if I am not going to take a decision now.
Coining democracy lot of politicians are looting money of our own land that requires a big change from the base.
We heard of of kings and rulers robbing next countries and kingdoms but today it is a level where rulers are looting their own country
Truth, work & development will be the 3 mantras of our party

Did chief minister of uttar pradesh Yogi Adityanath met superstar Rajinikanth in person. It is the viral video thats on in the social media and youtube channel. Know the truth here. This video depicts rajinikanth and cm yogiji is surrounded by many other wearing sadhu like dress.

On one of the day of rajinikanth entry into political stage at the ragavendra mandapam here one young chap who tried to snap a selfie has been craned up by escorts claims insult to fans from the point of few opponent viewers is viral now.

One of the youtube channel uploaded about rj balaji throwing opinion on rajinikanth entry into politics is waste of time. While his family, relations are out of control no way this man can manage the state of tamil nadu. So it is good to rub his back first and point other later is the video content.

Rajinikanth meeting ramakrishna mutt madhadhipathi or the chief at the temple here in chennai taking blessings from him for his venture into political environment is another viral video.

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