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ATM Cash Crunch in various States of India Latest Updates:

In several states of India many ATMs are running out of cash or not working and the People started to run to various ATMs for the cash withdraw.

Seems the situation of ATMs running out of cash or not working had been started from yesterday that is on 16th April 2018, Tuesday.

The issue of ATMs running out of cash or not working reported in the states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh.

This situation reminds the People at the time of demonetization happened in November 2016 where People waited in long queues and ATM Machine running out of cash or not working.

Arun Jaitley had reported that he had reviewed the currency situation in the country and mentioned that there is adequate currency in circulation and also available with the Banks.

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4 minutes ago

Have reviewed the currency situation in country. Over all there is more than adequate currency in circulation & also available with Banks. The temporary shortage caused by ‘sudden & unusual increase’ in some areas is being tackled quickly. says on Cash Crunch

ATM crash crunch hits many states in India… Most of the states where Congress and its allies still have a hold. It’s artificially created by politicians withdrawing more cash to meet election expenses.

Didnt even realise there is a ATM cash shortage while media is already running stories of cash crunch ‘crisis’

Arun Jaitley To Issue A Statement Soon On Latest Cash Crunch In ATM

ATMcash crunch reported in many states, Arun Jaitley says problem temporary via

ATMcash crunch reported in many states, Arun Jaitley says problem temporary via

ATMcash crunch reported in many states, says problem temporary

RBI is busy in pakoda frying outside his office. That’s why cash crunch has hit again in Bihar, MP, Gujrat, UP , Hydrabad….. Another form of Notebandi…..

cash crunch in atm going to be next round of hala bol across the country !beware

This advertisment was given by govt of india before 4 days ago when the /cash crunch Is their any conspirancy?

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ATM Cash Crunch: Govt says enough cash in ATMs, don’t panic

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What a hell RBI has become# Demonetised currency not counted yet after one and half year passed, crunch in ATM & all over India#Could not audit Banks accounts properly causing frauds & NPA

Debanish Achom Retweeted Arun Jaitley

How is it sudden? People in parts of southern India have been complaining of cash crunch in ATMs for some time. Only now it has aggravated. The government should have been more open about this.

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Situation in Bihar and UP in Eastern area cash is out of ATM, this congress man work ? Public are suffering due to cash crunch. ARRAH 802301,ATM are out of cash. plz see this.

ATMs Across India are Reporting Cash Crunch

Urban Gujaratiyon ko toh Haq hi nahi hai cash crunch ke baare me baat kar ke rone ka , demonitisation ke baad bhi , dhanda chaupat hone ke baad bhi vote diya feku ko . Urban Gujarat me toh paisa ATM me daal hi nahi . Let them go digital

Cash is present in most of the ATMs in Mumbai.The cash crunch may be due to local technical glitches. Please dont spread it like this. This may create a panic and people may run to ATM for hording the cash which may further create the problem

why it is reported by media for ATM cash crunch. Public inconvenience is linked to Demonization as of date. Request you to give utmost importance that ATMs are filled with sufficient cash

Cash Crunch in India.. Where is Paisa ?? ATM r Dry.. People r sweating to find cash in Heat..

Rs 2000/- is hoarder’s delight. So cash crunch,,,at ATM ,,,

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Best explanation for CashCrunch in ATMs is what said after DeMo.”Modi took all your cash… and gave it to all the rich people”…. so theres a cash crunch in ATMs… So trust Pappu… Hes” is M.Phail in Economics from Cambridge.

The government should have, at the least, warned people of an impending It’s irresponsible to sit quietly. How can cash crunch suddenly hit citizens. Not possible that the government didn’t have intelligence on this

ow to divert media attention from women safety issue.? Dry up all the ATM, Create a cash crunch issue. Blame RBI

53 minutes ago

Suit boot pehen ke saheeb jhoola utha ke videsh ghumne chale ..aur Desh main cash crunch ki wajah se ATM band ..aye DIN masoom bacciyo aur aurat se rape ho Raha hai ..Kiya PM Mila hai ek number ka Dramebaaz feko

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There are 9 atms within a two km radius from my home. And each and every ATM had cash. Is TN not affected by the cash crunch or the crunch hasn’t reached the southernmost border of India?

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Govt/RBI running out of cash Many second tier cities & rural India ATM has no cash or replenished only so often indicating LIQUIDITY CRUNCH EXPERIENCED May be Govt reached its fiscal limit of money print or Govt borrowing has hit the limit

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When the digital transaction increases in multiple fold and we cash more then before demonetisations,why do we have ATM empty and cash crunch?its looks demonetisations itself is a biggest scam of country.


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  1. very disturbing news for India – Modi government has lost its way and people lost their confidence…. there is a viral news going on how modi wants to protect the TN governor from nirmala devi professor case lobbying for favors with students for marks

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