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Champions of the Earth Award 2018 To PM of India Narendra Modi:

The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP issued the Champions of the Earth award to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. The Champions of the Earth is an annual awards programme to recognize outstanding environmental leaders from the public and private sectors, and from civil society.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the United Nations’ highest environmental award ” Champions of Earth Award ” at a special function in New Delhi on Wednesday. Earlier, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said in her address that today is a very proud day for India, today the award of ‘Champions of the Earth’ was given to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the United Nations. Earlier in her address, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said, “We do not consider Earth to be Planet; Earth is not a planet for us, Earth is our mother for us.” In India, when the buildings are built, the place of worship is done.

At the same time, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutres said that the leadership which Prime Minister Modi has demonstrated (in the field of environment), is lacking in the world. Green Economy will be a major contributor in the coming decade.

It is a matter of honor in India to have this program PM Modi said that the Champions of the Earth Award is the honor of the old tradition of India, who has seen God in nature, who saw Panchatattva at the origin of the universe and called for its establishment. It is the honor of tribal siblings settled in the forest of India who love the forests. This is the honor of the fisherman of India, who take the same amount of salt to the sea, as much as it is necessary for calculation of living.

The award was given to PM Modi and French President Emanuel Macro to take exemplary leadership and positive steps in the field of sustainable development and climate change. According to a government statement, this award was announced in New York on September 26, 73rd from the United Nations General Assembly. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterares will award this award.

Prime Minister Modi has been selected in the leadership category due to the pioneering work for the lobbying of the International Solar Coalition and the resolution of removal of all kind of plastic from single use by India till 2022. The annual “Champions of Earth” award is given to the extraordinary leaders in government, civil society and private sector, whose move has had a positive effect on the environment.


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