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The previous year union budget 2017 presented by Finance minister Arun Jaitley had revision of excise & customs duties on many products that went cheaper or costly. For example, tobacco products & mobile phones and imported cashew nuts costed more at the same time the solar panels & other electronics items gone cheap. The Union Budget 2017 highlighted costly items included

more money was paid to buy cigarettes, bidis & tobacco products.
paying 8.3% Excise duty on unmanufactured tobacco which was 4.2% earlier.
From 6% in 2016 have been paying 9% Excise duty on pan masala
Rs.4006/- per thousand of Excise duty on cigar, and cheroots has been paid
Cellular phones & LED lights manufactured in India stood dearer due to increased duties on imported printed circuit boards & components.
Excise duty on chewing tobacco like filter khaini & jarda scented tobacco has hiked from 6 to 12% was spended
Excise on paper-rolled handmade bidis has been risen from Rs.21 to Rs.28 in 2017-2018 budget
Populated Printed Circuit Boards for use in the manufacturing of handsets, in contrast to actual user condition had earned SAD of 2% from nothing earlier.
Parts of LED lights bought attracted basic customs duty of 5% & CVD of 6% which was nothing previously.
Imported cashew nut of kind roasted, salted or roasted & salted on eateries were given 45% customs duty compared to existing 30%
The import of silver medallion, silver coins, with silver content of under 99.9%, semi-manufactured form of silver & articles of silver all had CVD of 12.5% from zero earlier.

The UB 2017-2018 Budget Cheap items were:

The service charge on irtc Railway travel e-tickets booking withdrawal had lessened due to withdrawal.
The solar tempered glass, fuel cell based power generating systems and wind operated energy generator cut off of duty brought down their cost.

But nothing seems to go cheaper or costlier this financial year union budget 2018-2019.

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