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#GoBackModi Hashtag Tops Twitter Trend Worldwide For CMB Issue:

Hashtag of #GoBackModi had been created in twitter against the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Tamilnadu state.

Many Tamilians, opposition parties with black shirt, black balloons protest against delay of Central Government on setting up the Cauvery Management Board CMB and also arrival of Modi to Tamilnadu state for not taking necessary steps against the issue.

Hashtag of #GoBackModi tops among the trends on 12th April 2018 in Twitter which asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi go back from Tamilnadu for not setting up Cauvery Management Board CMB.

Twitter Latest Tweets on #GoBackModi:

Ritu Ranjan Gogoi @RituRituranjan

Narendra Modi, your empire of lies and hypocrisies is crumbling. The evils of your party needs to be expurged from India.

Bala @smilebala2407

#GoBackModi you almost destroyed our state

VIJAY ES @thundervijay02
Don’t try to come here again


No need your false services.ur party totally failed.peoples hated more and more…

Dakshina Sasikumar @DakshinaSasi

We don’t want you to get in tamilnadu #gobackmodi

HAPPY KUMAR @thehappykumar

Black colour is power of Tamilnadu . #gobackmodi .

Sourabh Sanyal @sourabhsanyal

“An opportunity to work is good luck for me. I put my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the gates for the next one.” ~ @narendramodi
#GoBackModi is a shame! whoever has played a role behind the same. Its shame for them! All due to the election is coming! Come on. Wakeup!

DG Kapil‏ @kapilgopalakris

All we need is election #GoBackModi

Vikas M @Vikas1412viki

#GoBackModi, stop your fascist rule, ban Sterlite.

Bala @bala_skp

Shattered BJP Shattered Modi in TN #GoBackModi

பா.ச.பாலசிங் @PCBALASINGH

So far 4 Lacs tweets asking #GoBackModi

Stupid Common Man @Ishak_ka

Indian #PM is not ready to hear 80 million peoples voice.
What a arrogant!

Mohan @Mohan_green
Replying to @indirakumar3

Before building planes and military tanks give water to your own people. #gobackmodi #TNExit

panchamoorthy ‏ @panchamoorthy94

We want water #GoBackModi

அமைதிப்பூங்கா @dhandapanisays

As a WestIndian, I appreciate

The power of Tamil people and your unity. This is the Pure Emotion Of Tamil Brothers and sisters over there….

John Rosari @RosariJohn

#GoBackModi Seems Indian PM hatted by many of his own country people?

Fareed Batcha @Fareedbatcha

#GoBackModi is #1 on trending worldwide. Wow. #SeriouslyModiGoBack

Noah Sunil Manoharan @SNoahsunil
Replying to @VaratharaajanR @aartic02

The separatist mentality is istigated by Modi and BJP #GoBackModi

Ponraj @ponraj93

Please #GoBackModi
We don’t trust you and you are not welcomed in our state!

subash vanchinathan‏ @msvanchinathan

#GoBackModi when the world roaming PM , gets world trend in Twitter , a setback for Modi – never distrub Tamils feeling , set up cauvery management board #CauveryManagementBoard #CauveryIssue


@Twitter Word wide Trends No.1 #GoBackModi

Gopi @GopiTnYP

5.Stop Sagarmala ICTC Port
6.Ban NEET

Ram Prasaanth @ramsprp96

#GoBackModi …becoming a slogan in southern India …!!

Abilash Narayan K L‏ @AbilashnarayanK

No space for fascism in periyar land #gobackmodi

Prabu Rajan‏ @prabu_rajan

#GoBackModi You treat one of the most productive states of India as a pariah. You have proved you are worthless when it comes to caring for your people

Ajay ojha @Ajayo92

Savdhan India police better than yogi police(up) #GoBackModi

Priyamudan‏ @alameenindia

A prime minister not listening to judgement of supreme court


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