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Haryana Government Revert Back Tax on Players Earning Decision:

The Haryana government on Friday banned its order in which the players were asked to deposit one-third of their income to the state sports committee. After the all-round condemnation of this decision, the government has decided to withdraw its decision.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar tweeted, “We are proud of the Haryana players and I assure them to think again on all issues affecting them.”

Explain that the government issued a notification on April 30, 2018. Under this notification players will have to give one-third of their income to the Haryana State Sports Council for playing games so that they can be used to encourage sports in the state.

The first reaction has come to the verdict of the Haryana Government. The wrestler Babita Fogat said, did the government know how much work we are doing to perform well? How does the government say to give one-third share, while it is our hard earned money. I am not in favor of this. The government should have discussed with the players before issuing the notification.

While defying the order of the government, star wrestler Bajrang Punia said that the government is putting down the morale of the players. The government’s decision is absolutely wrong. At first the government does not give jobs to the players, if it gives such decisions against the players.

The government was not able to honor the performance of the Commonwealth. What is the meaning of this decree, why should we give the government the earning of our hard work? The government should respect those who win the medal, and not to issue such orders against them.

Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt also came under the rule of the government. He got a big boost on Ashok Khemka and said that such officers were taking the game down to the downfall. The government also flared up and said that the players will now flee.


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