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Mumbai: Water is flooded all over the city as soon as the monsoon is knocked out in Mumbai. In Mumbai , there is frequent rains and in view of this, the BMC has issued instructions to take precautionary measures. The Meteorological Department has predicted that there will be substantial rains in Mumbai for the entire week. There is so much rains in Mumbai that 32 flights have been delayed and three flights have been canceled due to weather conditions. Even local trains are delayed by about 10 to 15 minutes. At the same time, the BMC has completed all its preparations for the rainy rain. Explain that the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in the northern coastal areas of Maharashtra including Mumbai, from Wednesday to June 12, while there may be heavy rains in remote areas.

Continuous rains have resulted in the situation of water logging in various parts of the city. Meteorological experts believe that the conditions will be worse than the rain and it will be worse than the Mumbai rain since 2005. In view of the weather alert, the BMC has canceled all the senior officers on Saturday and Sunday. Along with the local people have taken many precautions to look at the problem.

According to Ajay Kumar of the Indian Meteorological Department, we anticipate that there will be heavy rains in Munhai and Konkan areas in the next two days. We have also issued a warning in view of this. Also, the fisherman has instructed not to move towards the sea. The police have appealed to people not to go out of the house unnecessarily. In addition, the Mumbai Police has issued instructions to those who run the car during the rains, keeping the carriage steady by looking at the slippery situation. Apart from this, the administration has said that in view of the flood situation, all schools will be open so that the victims can get shelter.

Apart from this Navy has been put on alert. The BMS has also completed all its preparations. Also, the team of NDRF has been deployed, place-space Instructions have been given to the fishermen not to go to the sea for the next three to four days.

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