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To materialize the poll works fan club administrators are to be met by rajinikanth to discuss about trip around tamil nadu to speak to people to add membership.
Actor rajinikanth to start new independant political party and contest in all 234 assembly constituencies has given shockwaves across tamil nadu election environment.
Already rajinikanth has 15 thousand registered fan association across tamil nadu. Each club has about 25 members. Apart from that there are about one lakh and above unregistered clubs consisting 25 lakhs members is a report among fan club head office sources.
Presently, there is action trial to join all the rajini fan clubs together so as to add new members. To include online membership, internet centers charge Rs.20 per head and thus a family of five has to spend Rs.100 which is expensive to poor ones.
Following this, on behalf of fan clubs across 234 assembly constituencies special membership camp is organized to gather name, address, voter id from interest people and to register membership freely.
Across all constituencies this task has been started by rajinikanth’s fan club. On the next move, rajinikanth has planned to call all district fan club heads to chennai to discuss on political works. The date of the gathering will be announced later.

Up on announcement of party name, new state chief, district heads will be appointed. Rajinikanth clarified that on his coming into politics he will not preside people who want to make money through politics. He further wants only the guardians of the good works planned for the people.

Thus from the base of the politics cleanliness sought is his aim. And for such task, he has planned to work to bring along patriots from the state and districts.
After the release of administrators is planned to tour tamil nadu for a month long in order to give public speech. And that moment of speech is likely to announce the manifesto of his political party is claimed.

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