India Today Pre-poll survey on Karnataka Election Results – BJP vs Congress

Pre-poll election karnataka  – Congress set to retain Karnataka assembly giving BJP another major setback in south India.


Today,  India Today channel is planning to release the pre-poll survey on Karnataka Election Results – who will win the Upcoming assembly election  between the two major parties – BJP and Congress?   Major pre-poll survey predicts that No party will get majority and Congress have an edge to win the election, propelled by the negative image of Narendra Modi / Amit Shah in South Indian states.  Its tough for BJP to try and win the election, but all sources predict BJP is falling down not just in South India, but also the same kind of pattern even for north indian states and the results will have a major impact in the next loksabha elections, with Rahul Gandhi hoping to rule the country for the first time.  Only time will tell.


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