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Intermediate 1st and 2nd Year 2016 Exam Timetable Telangana State:

Telangana State

The Board of Intermediate Education BIE Telangana board of examinations had released the Intermediate 1st and 2nd year public examinations 2016.

The 2015 public examinations of Intermediate Junior and Senior was held in the month of March which was conducted by Board of Intermediate Education BIE Telangana.

The 2016 Telangana state board Junior Intermediate First Year examinations is to be scheduled from 2nd March 2016 to 19th March 2016.

Like wise the Telangana state board Senior Intermediate Second Year public examinations will be conducted from 3rd March 2016 to 21st March 2016.

The candidates can visit the web portal of Board of Intermediate Education BIE Telangana for more information about the updated Intermediate examination timetable, hall ticket and examination centers.

Telangana Intermediate I Year Exam Timetable 2016:
02.03.2016, Wednesday – PART – II: 2nd Language paper-I
04.03.2016, Friday – PART-I: English Paper-I
08.03.2016, Tuesday – PART-III: Mathematics Paper-IA, Botany Paper-I, Civics Paper-I, Psychology Paper-I
10.03.2016, Thursday – Mathematics Paper – IB Zoology Paper – I, History Paper – I
12.03.2016, Saturday – Physics Paper-I, Economics Paper-I, Classical Language Paper–I
15.03.2016, Tuesday – Chemistry Paper – I, Commerce Paper – I, Sociology Paper – I, Fine arts, Music Paper – I
17.03.2016, Thursday – Geology Paper – I, Home Sciences Paper – I, Public Administration Paper – I, Logic Paper – I, Bridge Course, Maths Paper – I(for Bi.P.C candidates)
19.03.2016, Saturday – Modern Language Paper – I, Geography Paper – I

Telangana Intermediate II year Exam Timetable 2016:
03.03.2016, Thursday – PART- II: 2ndlanguage Paper-II
05.03.2016, Saturday – PART-I: English Paper-II
09.03.2016, Wednesday – PART-III: Mathematics Paper – IIA, Botany Paper-II, Civics Paper-II, Psychology Paper-II
11.03.2016, Friday – Mathematics Paper – IIB Zoology Paper – II, History Paper – II
14.03.2016, Monday – Physics Paper – II, Economics Paper – II, Classical Language Paper – II
16.03.2016, Wednesday – Chemistry Paper – II, Commerce Paper – II, Sociology Paper – II, Fine arts, Music Paper – II
18.03.2016, Friday – Geology Paper – II, Home Sciences Paper – II, Public Administration – II, Logic Paper – II, Bridge Course Maths Paper – II (for Bi.P.C candidates)
21.03.2016, Monday – Modern Language Paper – II, Geography Paper – II


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