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New Delhi: There is no longer a year left for the Lok Sabha in 2019. The term of the Modi government is also the last year and now the government has not left much time for the next elections. The government has been preparing for this election year. The minister has also been involved in taking the work of his own ministries to the public every day. It is being reported that the government is bringing a new scheme for more than 500 million workers.

Recently, the Prime Minister’s Office has approved the proposal of the Labor Ministry related to ‘Universal Social Security Scheme’. Under this scheme, more than 50 crore workers will be provided with some facilities including pension, medical cover by the government. In this scheme, people working in the agriculture sector will also be included. The Labor Ministry wants to implement this scheme before the election of 2019. Ministry of Finance and Labor Ministry are working on this scheme of Rs. 2 lakh crores. This plan will include 40% of the total workers of the country. On the other hand, 60% of the people can partially join this scheme.

It is being told that during the monsoon session of Parliament, the government can also present a draft draft plan related to the Parliament.

It is being said that under this scheme, pension, Maternity cover as well as medical, sickness and unemployment will also be covered. A few days ago in a meeting, the Labor Ministry had also given a presentation on the Universal Social Security Code, after which the Finance Ministry agreed on this idea.

After the announcement of ModiKare ready to provide health insurance to 50 crore citizens of the country, the Modi government has now started preparations to provide social security to 100 million poor laborers. There is a proposal to spend more than one lakh crores annually on this. Preparing to bring about a new social security scheme to provide social security to nearly 10 million poor laborers below poverty line. NDTV has a new policy draft, in which a provision of pension, unemployment allowance, maternity benefits, medical and group insurance to 10 million poor laborers is proposed. It is preparing to implement it all over the country through the law called ‘Labor Code on Social Security’.

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Under this new policy of the Labor Ministry, social security funds will be created in every state. Through this plan to provide 10 basic social security facilities like pension, medical facility, maternity facility, unemployment allowance, coinage benefit, disposable benefit, benefits facility, dependent benefits, provident fund facility and group insurance benefit to every BPL worker and its family. is proposed.

There will also be a gratuity fund. With the advantage of this new social security scheme reaching 10 million poor laborers, every year, the estimated cost of 1 lakh 20 thousand crores is estimated. In the suggestion given to the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Labor said that this scheme should be implemented gradually. First of all, the poor people should be covered under this scheme. In doing so, the Ministry will need less money at the beginning of the scheme.


After this fund allocation can be extended in the next 5 to 10 years to make this scheme universal. The Labor Ministry has said that this scheme should be kept widespread so that the Health, Rearmant, old age, unemployment and maternity etc. could be reached to 50 crore workers.

Explain that this is the second biggest scheme of the government after the National Health Protection Scheme. Earlier, the government had announced ‘National Health Protection Scheme’ for 10 million poor families. Under which, each family has a plan to provide health cover of Rs. 5 lakhs.

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