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Mukesh Ambani Keeps Salary Capped At Rs 15 Crore For 10th Year In A Row
Mukesh Ambani’s salary package has been steadily rising from 10 years to 15 million, not willing to increase the salaryTotal Compensation was Rs 24 Crore before 2008-09

In 2017-18, the other allowances of Mukesh Ambani reduced from 6 million to 27 lakh.-File
Mukesh Ambani has got 4.49 crore salary allowances and Rs 9.53 crore commission in 15 crores.
The amount received for other facilities reduced from 60 lakh to 27 lakh rupees

Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani , the country’s largest wealthy industrialist, has received 15 crores salary for his 10th year from his company Reliance Industries. Ambani has not voluntarily raised the salary for 10 years. He has kept the salaries, other benefits, allowances and commissions fixed at Rs.15 crores from 2008-09. Earlier, his total membership was about Rs 24 crore annually.

– In the financial year ending March 31, 2018, the salary of his relatives Nikhil and Hetal Meswani and the full time directors of the company have increased substantially.
– Compensation of Nikhil and Hettel has increased to Rs 19.99 crores in 2017-18. In the year 2016-17 it was 16.85-16.85 crores. Prior to this, Nikhil received 14.42 crores in 2015-16 and Hasle received Rs 14.41 crores.
– Reliance Industries has given this information in the annual report.

Mukesh Ambani’s commission has been worth Rs 9.53 crore.
– The amount given in other facilities has decreased from 60 lakh to 27 lakh rupees.
– Mukesh Ambani voluntarily fixed the limit on salary in October 2009 between the controversy over keeping the salary of the CEO at the right level.

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