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Having married NRI youths for a better future, lost everything and the young women neither belonged to their family nor the in-laws; The victims of the divorce and marriage fraud by NRI youth forced to wander in poverty, women have asked for a reply from the Government of India Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making effective legislation in this regard in the fight against their rights.

In most cases husbands fled abroad after a few days of marriage, and the wives of their non-existence inclined the wives out of the house. The women of different parts of the country are uniting to make their voice their weapon. These women include some women who have been harassed by Indian youth.

The press conference was held on Monday in the press club raising the voices of more than 200 women who had been victimized by fraud after marrying NRI youths about a better future dream. On this occasion, the victims of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Bareilly, Lucknow and other places made a painful story of the poor acts of NRI husbands.

On this occasion, Punjab has been told by social activist Harpreet Kaur, after marrying NRI women in Punjab alone, 27 thousand complaints have been registered against absconding and fraud by taking a single divorce from foreign courts. No action has been taken by the police on the complaint so far. At the same time, women tortured by NRI youths and their families gave complaints to Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj many times, but they did not get any reply.

Zubi Zaidi of Lucknow said that 3228 complaints were filed against the demand of legal action against the accused by the interference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with divorce and cheating by NRI youth, but there are no details of how many complaints have been resolved by the ministry . The victims demanded that a concerted move should be made against the NRI youth who have been fighting for the life of innocent girls for dowry so that they can be punished by bringing them from abroad to India.

Mama sold her to niece after marriage

Zubi Zaidi, a resident of Lucknow, told that his marriage was done by his maternal uncle on April 10, 2014 by the UAE resident Sayed Ali Murtaza, after finding a better future, but after the marriage, he realized that his husband was already married and the first marriage was Ten years had passed. After this, they were treated more effectively than animals.

He said that he was beaten up. Four years ago they were imprisoned for three days in a room and no food was given. Meanwhile, the watchman of the house got pity on him and helped him escape from there. Since then, for four years, from the local police station to the ministry, the government has not even helped him. They have demanded intervention from the Indian government against her husband. Prior to her marriage, she had worked as a deputy registrar. He has been trying to meet Sushma Swaraj for four years with the demand of Naina, but her complaint has never been answered.

Marriage dot com ruin did ruin

Shiwali resident of Delhi told that he was married on 27th February 2017. 40 days after her husband moved to Canada and the in-laws started torturing them. He said that on March 6, 2018, his well-being had thrown him out of the house and did not allow him to enter the house. He said that he was married through marriage dot com. Before marriage, she also used to work in a Canadian company.

Dowry to move abroad

Poonam, a resident of Delhi, told that she was married to a resident of Noida. At the time of marriage, Rs 6 lakh cash was sought from the family of the girl and 40 days after her husband went to Canada, the in-laws demanded money from her family again to send her to Canada. After this the victim was thrown out of the house. The victim has lodged an FIR in Delhi Police, but no action was taken.

Fiji gave Indian woman a cheating

Natasha told Fiji that seven years ago she had come to Chandni Chowk from Fiji in connection with the business and at the same time she met Pratap Singh. After that, Pratap Singh took them for five years and 47 lakh rupees by trapping him in his love trap, and in the meantime he came to know that Pratap was also taunting other girls to get married. In this matter, the victim has complained to DCP Nupur Prasad, ACP, and Swati Malliv Samail, others of East Delhi, but no response has been given to their complaints. He is very hurt about the law and order of India and is demanding action against the accused. In this regard, he has lodged an FIR against the accused in the Anand Vihar Police Station under other sections, including the sections of rape, but the accused is roaming freely.

Battle of Haqqani fight in California

After marrying NRI, Jasmeet Kaur, her husband tried to divorce under the law of Caniforna, but the victim stopped her. Now the victim is fighting a case against her husband while living in California. The accused has also taken away the victim’s 10-year-old son. The victim’s family is from Bareilly and is demanding appropriate action from the Ministry of External Affairs for fighting her right.

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