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New Delhi: Addressing the OBC conference at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. He said that if the loan will be waived, then 15 people but the farmers’ debt will not be forgiven. The Congress President said that in a year Modi has given Rs. 2.5 lakh crore to industrialists, but not given a rupee to the farmer, his debt will not be waived. He said that why banks open for our farmers and small businessmen? He said that there is no shortage of skill among OBC communities, but there is a lack of capital in them. He said that today India has become the slave of two-three BJP leaders in a way.

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He said that nobody works in India and the advantage is to someone else. Rahul asked the people that you have heard the name of the Coca-Cola Company. You know that the owner of this company first sold sugar in water in the US in the US. His skill was recognized and he got the money. After this he started the Coca-Cola Company. Similarly, the owner of the McDonald company was the first dhaba. He said that a person running Dhaba in India has formed a company. He said that whatever Dhaba runs, which is the artisan who works, this country does not give anything to him. The doors of the bank and politics are closed for our people.

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Rahul said that BJP MPs say that we are sitting in the Lok Sabha but we do not listen to anything here. Only listen to the RSS. He said that the Prime Minister of India says that there is lack of skill here. that’s a lie. There is no shortage of skill in the OBC category. They are full of skill.

He said that making big promises like giving jobs to 20 million youth. The highest unemployment in eight years is in India. Today Prime Minister does not talk about employment, skill. The strategy of BJP is clear. The full benefit of the whole will go to 15-20 people. No OBC, no farmer, no tribal … no one will run in it.

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