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In the early days, Hugh Mill had become the disciples of Lord Shri Rajneesh, called ‘Sex Guru’, but his dream of a society based on love and kindness was split like a card. Online platform recently created a documentary series titled ‘Wild Wild Country’ titled Osho.
Rajnish’s ashram in the series has been shown to shift America from India. On the 64,000 acres of land in Oregon, USA, thousands of supporters of Rajneesh had built an ashram. After five years there have been issues like tension, legal dispute, attempt to murder, electoral fraud, smuggling of weapons and allegations of poisoning for the ashram people. Poisoning is considered the biggest ‘bio-terror’ attack in America’s history.
Bodyguard ‘s responsibility
Hug Mill , a resident of Edinburgh, had spent decades with Rajneesh, famous for his 90 Rolls Royce cars. In this era, Rajneesh inspired Hugh, slept with her girlfriends and put them in hard labor.

For years, Hugh Mill worked as Lord Ragnish’s Bodyguard. Hugh’s work in this role was to see that the disciple could not touch Osho. While Hugh was with Rajneesh, it was the time for the expansion of his ashram. The number of supporters of Rajneesh was between 20 and 20 thousand rupees.

Hugh says, “They were not only 20,000 people who bought the magazine. These were the people who left their home and family for Rajneesh.” “These people were working 60 to 80 hours for no wages in the week and they were living in dormitry. Their dedication to Rajneesh was to such an extent.”
Rajneesh’s discourse

Hugh is now 70 years old. He was born in Lanark, Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh. In 1973, after completing his training of osteopath (muscle and bone-related medical science), Hugh moved to India. At that time, he was 25 years old.

Hugh was impressed by listening to Rajneesh’s discourse audio cassettes. He explains, “When you meet such an influential person, it has a profound impact on your existence, although Hugh Swamiji went to India after listening to Shivamurthy’s name.
‘God Has Failed’

Hugh explains, “I thought how wonderful, sensible, kind, dear and lively he was, I wanted to sit at their feet and learn from them.” Hugh has published a book titled ‘The God That Fiddle’ about Lord Rajneesh.

In Hindi, the name of this book can be translated into something like, “God has failed.” He explains, I saw him as a very awakened person, which had a sense of extraordinary knowledge and understanding.
Life in india

Rajneesh died in 1990. A few years before his death, he adopted the name ‘Osho’. Hugh Mill explains that Osho was like a ‘polymorphous’ who could present himself according to the needs of the people. Although Hugh says that in ‘face-to-face meetings’, Rajneesh ‘fully talked about the mind and told about it’.

These face-to-face interviews were called ‘Darshan’ in Rajnish’s ashram. In those days, Hugh was not coming to life in India and he was having trouble. In the first 18 months, Rajneesh slept with Hugh’s girlfriend and then sent them to work in fields in one of India’s hottest places.
Envy of Rajneesh

Hugh’s age was getting up some 40 in those days. He explains that Rajneesh used to give ‘special visions’ to his female students at four o’clock in the morning. “Rajneesh was called to a certain degree ‘sex guru’ because he used to mention sex and organs often in his public discourses.”

“Everyone knew that they used to sleep with their female disciples.” Hugh also believes that he was envious of Rajneesh and he too started thinking about leaving the ashram for this reason. But then there was a voice from within that it would be happening somewhere for good.
Rajneesh ki rakhat

Hugh says, “I knew that he was a sex guru, all of us had the freedom of sex, there were few people living with the same partner, it was a different matter in 1973. They told that the special vision of Rajneesh Later, his relationship with his girlfriends reached a new place but they could not be sustained for a long time.

Because Rajneesh sent him 400 miles away from his girlfriend. When Hugh returned, he became the bodyguard of Rajneesh’s Private Secretary Ma Yoga Laxmi. After not getting the opportunity of sight, a disciple had attacked the mother Yoga Laxmi, after which Lakshmi asked him to do the work of bodyguard. Hugh was also told for the protection of Lord Raznish.

Osho’s Inner Circle
It is said that Rajneesh was not in favor of the fact that the disciples should not be stopped from reaching them. But Hugh said that when people are eager to touch them or kiss their feet, the guru should not stand. Hugh explains, “God did not like it.” But for the next seven years, Hugh was involved in influential monks living around God.

There was also a name of Anand Sheela in Osho’s Inner Circle. Mother Anand Sheela is also mentioned in the documentary of Netflix. Sheela was an Indian, but she studied in New Jersey. Before joining Osho Sheela married an American.

In the canteen of the Ashram …
Hugh explains that he was also helping Sheela in running an ashram canteen with God’s protection. The work of the canteen was on the increase, because the number of devotees coming to the ashram was constantly increasing. Hugh explains that he and Sheila have tremendous affection for about a month. This thing reached her husband and the husband asked Rajneesh to stop it.

After this incident, Sheela’s behavior turned out to be Hugh and difficulties for him began to arise. Sheela’s stature in the ashram increased by some speed so that she soon became Rajneesh’s personal secretary instead of Lakshmi.

Controversy over Rajneesh
Sheela’s name was prominent among the people who had a large role behind the decision to take Osho’s ashram from India to Oregon. There was a controversy over Rajneesh in India and they wanted their ashram to be in a peaceful place so that a new community could be established with thousands of disciples.

In 1981, Sheela bought a plot of marshland land in Oregon. They had little information about local laws. But they wanted Saints to work here and settle down a new city according to Rajneesh’s beliefs. Hugh says, I think the decision to go to Oregon was a mistake. It was a bad choice.

Controversy in Oregon
Hugh explains that the Oregon Ashram was going against local laws from the beginning. “But in spite of this, Sheila and her closest people did all those things which according to their plans.”

“It was made to disturb local people from being upset and provocated, even to the conspiracy of killing of government officials.” “In a local restaurant, sannyasis tried to add poison to food and 750 people were ill, and its purpose was to influence one election.”

The students of Rajneesh claim that they were disturbed by local authorities and they became victims of the wrath of the Conservative Administration.
Activities of Ashram

But Hugh says that the people of the ashram had created these problems for themselves, because they never cared for the laws there. Hugh says that by the time of April, 1982, he started doubting the ashram’s activities.

Hugh, who works as an Osteopath in the Health Center of Oregon Ashram, says that the ashram was no longer a place of love, kindness and meditation. Those monks who were working 80 to 100 hours a week to raise this ashram, they started getting sick. Hugh explains that the instructions he gave to Sheela for the treatment of these sick sannyasis was extremely ‘inhuman’.
Experience of hugh

Hugh explains, “Sheila said that these monks give an injection and send them back to work.” On another occasion, a friend from Hugh was a victim of a boat accident, but he was stopped from seeing his friend and asked to return to work.

He says, “I thought we were changing in the monster. I asked myself why I am still here.” Hugh left the ashram in November 1982. He said, “For some time, I felt that I was free. I was very confused. I was unable to handle the situation.” Before bringing life back on track, Hugh had to count on his stay in a hospital for six weeks.
‘Wild Wild Country’ Documentary

Hugh worked as an osteopath for some time in Edinburgh, then he moved to London, Munich and California. Since 1985, Hugh has been living in California.

Hugh says the things that have been shown in the ‘Wild Wild Country’ documentary series are after they leave Oregon. Hugh does not have complete information about Sheela’s activities. But did Osho know everything about Sheela was doing?
Hugh responds, “I have no doubt … Osho knew everything.”

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