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New Delhi: After police reveals the conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi like ‘Rajiv Gandhi assassination’, security agencies have become more alert about the security of the PM. The SPG (Special Protection Group), which took charge of the Prime Minister’s responsibility, has advised PM not to do road shows. Sources of the Cabinet Secretariat told NDTV that after conspiracy was exposed against PM Modi, SPG has alerted its personnel to this. CPG (Closed Protection Group) on the other side has also been alerted. Let the CPG youth always stay around the PM and they handle the internal security. These young men have the ability to hit a terrorist in a few seconds. On the other hand, the SPG’s Quick Response Team CAT (Counter Aussault team) has also been alerted. The state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art arm casualties are extremely tough training. The team handles an immediate front in the state of any attack on the PM.

Sources said that the driver of PM’s convoy has also been briefly alerted and they have been alerted. It is worth mentioning that in the convoy of PM, there are two Siddan armored vehicles of BMW 7 Series, 6 BMW X5 SUV and a Mercedes Benz ambulance. Apart from this, the convoy has carriage of security forces and jumper carts. There are two dummy carts in PM’s convoy. So that no one could guess what PM was in. Trains of Special Police Squads of Delhi Police go ahead and behind the PM’s convoy. Sources said that many types of antennaes are installed on jammers, and these antennae can defuse any bomb kept at a distance of 100 meters on both sides of the road. In the convoy, NSG shooters are stationed on the security forces trains. Whenever the prime minister walks on foot, the NSG youths keep their surroundings in uniform as well as in uniform.

Sources told NDTV that two SPG personnel are always present with a briefcase around PM. This briefcase is actually a ballistic shield. This shield works in the case of any missile attack. Meanwhile, the Naxal Desk of the Union Home Ministry is in touch with the Pune Police. A senior police officer said that the investigation is in the initial stage but the state police will be asked for a report on the matter. It is noteworthy that the Pune police filed a letter in the court claiming that the Maoists were conspiring to kill PM Modi’s “killing like Rajiv Gandhi” . The police told this in court on Thursday. Police have arrested 5 people. Who are concerned with the banned CPI-Maoist organization.


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