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Today is the first match in the Group E  – between Brazil and Switzerland…  Watch Live here in the official channel – SONY LIV

  • Our team prediction is that Switzerland will try to rout Brazil with 2-0  goals.  Let us see the match with our fingers crossed !
  • Sestra krenula da gleda Brazil-Švajcarska i kao jbt drugu utakmicu danas gledam, još samo kurac da mi poraste
  • isn’t a small team, it’s never 6 on the fifa coca cola world rankings. Brazil has to play with excellence. We don’t want a draw.
  • Always delivers, if he didn’t get injured last time I honestly believe Brazil would have won it
  • Coração na mão, Brazil vamooooo😍😫
  • Sahne senin ⁠ ⁠ inlet şu yeşil sahayı 🏆
  • Do you excited to watch and support Brazil in world cup 2018? -no if without the latest great squad, i mean ronaldinho’s generation but it’s one of my favourite team after portugal,,,
  • Why there are no Youtube Channels live streaming – 2018 FIFA World Cup – Brazil Vs Switzerland – NO Live Streaming , Brazil vs. Switzerland live stream TV channel – any one seeing it in YOUTUBE ?
  • OKAY, Pre-Match prediction?  Who will win?
  • That Brazil team on paper is amazing. We’ve always said that about them, wonder if they’ll kick in and perform together.
  • Wow, Switzerland immediately put its foot on Brazil’s neck.
  • Watching the match in daddy’s Brazil shirt for Father’s Day 💕, always with me ❤ 🇧🇷

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