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US President Donald Trump, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who threatened to eradicate each other’s countries, signed a joint statement after the historic summit held at Kapello Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa island on Tuesday. Under this, Kim promised the entire nuclear disarmament of the Korean Penins in lieu of a security guarantee from Trump. Trump said that the result of this dialogue was better than many. For Kim, a special attachment has developed inside them and they will meet again soon and will meet again and again.

Have Kim agreed on nuclear disarmament, in response Trump said that we are going to start this process very soon. Certainly very fast The joint statement of the two leaders said that a meeting will be organized at the earliest on agreements to implement the conclusions of the summit between US Secretary of State Mike Pompey and a high level North Korean delegation. Apart from this, both sides will try to find the prisoners of war and the remains of the missing people in the war.

Trump told Kim Genius

After signing the share statement, 34-year-old Kim said, “We had a historic meeting and we decided to leave yesterday. The world will see a huge change. ‘ On this occasion, 71-year-old Trump said, “We are proud of what happened today. There is a big change in relations between North Korea and the Korean Peninsula so far. Both leaders are heading towards ending a dangerous problem of the world. He said that Kim is a talented person who loves his country very much. We invite them to the White House.

12-second handshake, 45-minute conversation

The first meeting of the two leaders was held on Tuesday morning as part of a carefully prepared program. Trump and Kim stretched their hands towards each other and handshake for 12 seconds. After this, after leaving the reporters, both the two to go for a conversation. His conversation lasted 45 minutes. After this both of them came out and addressed the joint press conference.

Kim arrived seven minutes earlier

According to North Korean media, Kim met with him seven minutes before the venue to meet him to respect the senior trump. On the other hand, Trump wore a red tie for the occasion. This is the favorite color of people of North Korea.

It was not easy to get here

Prior to a face-to-face conversation with Trump, Kim admitted that reaching here was not very easy. Yesterday and old bias were obstacles in the way, but after crossing them all we managed to get here.

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