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Tsunami Occurred After Earthquake Hit in Indonesia Latest Updates:

After the 7.5 magnitude earthquake tremor occurred, tsunami hit beaches in the cities of Palu and Donggala of Indonesia on 27th September 2018, Friday.

After a powerful earthquake in Indonesia on Friday, the Tsunami in the city of Sulawesi has also wreaked havoc. Due to earthquake, many buildings became landless. Hundreds of people are reported to have died while 30 people have been confirmed dead in this accident from a hospital in Indonesia . This terrible disaster has forced the people to leave their homes.

At the same time, about 80 kilometers from the center of the earthquake was shot from the top floor of a parking ramp in the city of Palu, in which high water waves rose and took the coastal areas in its grip. The water waves in the video are seen taking many buildings in its grip. BNO News Agency has released a video in which huge waves are rising and people screaming around and shouting.

An earthquake of disaster agency and chairman of the Tsunami Division, Rahmat Trioono later confirmed that there were sharp waves of tsunami in the city. The intensity of this earthquake was more than the earthquake at Lombok Island in the beginning of this year, in which hundreds were killed.

The US Geological Survey Department said that the center of the earthquake in Dongla town of Central Sulawesi was in depth of 10 kilometers. Photos damaged in pictures released by the agency were seen. People got upset and left their homes.

Long live traffic jams were seen in parts of the area in the Facebook Live video, because after the tsunami warning people were going to cars, trucks and motorbikes to reach high places. Disaster Agency spokesman Suetopo Purbo Nugroho said that the rescue and rescue team was sent to the most affected areas.


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