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Budget season gives citizens a big opportunity to make their wishlist. And here are a wish list. A rise in income structure, bigger costing on farming and infrastruture, higher efforts on skilling and extra public vesting to steer development. Which’s what the aam aadmi anticipates from finance minister Arun Jaitley’s 5th fifth budget on 1.2.2018, which is also the final complete one before the oncoming polling. Safety & Security was the major matter with respect to the railways. People need enhanced overvision of govt. hospitals for good healthcare. Keenly, on the other hand professionals may wish a single rate GST.

What must the government make in the budget for quicker development? Percentage
Rise in public increament 29%
Provide priortiy sector status to small medium enterprises for lending 29%
Offer incentives for e-transactions 24%
Decrease corporate income taxes 18%
Which area must avail high allocation in central budget 2018? Percentage
Agriculture / Rural 38%
Healthcare 12%
Education 16%
Infrastructure 34%
What is the fresh sector where union budget must apportion reasonable funds to? Percentage
Women & child safety 20%
Diaster preparedness 8%
Skilling for employment 56%
Free medical assistance for accidents 15%
What type of income tax relief do one need in indian budget 2018? Percentage
Increse the exemption limit from Rs.2.5 lakh to Rs.3 lakh 31%
Hike the tax slabs to lower tax incidence 37%
Penetrate the 80c exemption from Rs.1.5 lakh to Rs.2 lakh 12%
Decrease peak income tax rate to 25% 20%
What should be the big priority part for budgetary spend on healthcare in 2018? Percentage
Investing in good watching, responsibility of government and private hospitals 45%
Reducing prices of drugs & medical test 27%
What should be the main concentration area for indian railways in UB 2018? Percentage
Enhancing safety 44%
Maximizing services and amenities 26%
Increasing cleanliness 15%
Improving timeliness 15%
After 6 months of GST, have prices reduced on an overall basis? Percentage
Yes 15%
Can’t say 12%
No 73%
Should GST head to a single rate of 18% Percentage
Yes 31%
Can’t say 9%
No 60%
Do you consider after first hiccups GST has settled down? Percentage
Yes 40%
Can’t say 10%
No 50%
How should the government consider decreasing corporate income tax? Percentage
Don’t trust lowering tax rate will give to more investment 25%
Decrease tax rate to 25% in single shot this year 36%
Lower rate to 27% this year and 25% succeeding year 16%
Leave tax rate at 30% till GST revenues increase 23%
What should the government make to enhance tax compliances by small traders? Percentage
Get down the tax rate to 21% 25%
Lessen the tax rate to 18% 45%
Leave tax rate unaltered at 25% 20%
Can’t tell 10%
What can government do to have housing affordable? Percentage
Provide interest rate subvention for debut home buyers
Rise the limit of affordable housing from 60 square metres to 120 sq.mts.
Individual income tax exemptions limit for EMIs on housing
Should budget avoid angel tax? Percentage
Yes 57%
No 31%
Can’t say 12%


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